3 Ways to Use Self Care to Reduce Anxiety

“Anxiety's like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it doesn't get you very far.”
Jodi Picoult, Sing You Home

Feeling anxious, overwhelmed and tense all the time? 

Good! Not that we’re happy you feel this way, but we’ve got 3 ways you can start using self care as a tool to reduce anxiety, overwhelm and burnout.

And just in case you’re rolling your eyes and saying "I want to practice self care but I’m afraid I don't have the time…” we created the Self Care Mini Course just for you! You can find it here.


Now, let’s get into the reasons why you should start using self care as a tool to reduce anxiety.


1 : Self Care to Calm your Soul

In modern day society, fast living and hustle culture seem to have become the standard for success. Basically, society glorifies being busy.

But have you ever questioned why?


At the root of it, fast living fuels anxiety. This is why so many of us struggle with anxiety on the daily. 

When we’re busy because society tells us to be, it becomes a breeding ground for self esteem issues, depression and burnout. 

When you practice self care, it’s an active resistance to the notion that ’busy = success’. 

This soothes us on a soul-level and brings us closer to God.

Self care can be as simple as taking a moment to consciously slow down, feel the texture of your clothes or really enjoy every bite of a meal. 

How can you slow down a little bit today?


2: Self Care for Grounding

One of the biggest reasons anyone experiences anxiety and overwhelm is because we leave our bodies when triggered. The best way to combat the flighty feelings of anxiety is to ground back into your body. Self Care is your path to doing just that.

When you consciously check in and ask yourself ”what do I need in this moment?”, you are telling anxiety and overwhelm that they are not the boss of you. The self care practice you choose from that space is an empowering and grounding experience. 

Elixir Creme is a perfect foundational product for a grounding self care practice - with it’s luxurious texture, you can’t help but go a little slower, enjoy a present moment of self care… and you can enjoy nourished + moisturized skin! Sit down and truly enjoy applying Elixir Creme to your skin when you’re fresh out of the shower - staying mindful of how each part of your body feels as you do.


3: Self Care for the Real World

Self Care is not just an activity that you switch ’on’ and then ‘off’ for 15 minutes in the morning and evening. It is not some far-fetched extravagant activity that you should feel shamed into doing. If you’ve ever felt this way, it’s simply because of sleazy marketing tactics.

Self care can easily be infused into the everyday moment. Simply be aware of where your emotional state is at — “What am I feeling right now? What do I need to feel more like myself right now?” That within itself is self care. 

This is why we designed all of our products to easily fit into your busy day. You can easily take your self care practice with you by popping one of our Elixirs into your bag for on-the-go self care to support throughout-the-day emotional check ins.

Self care can easily be infused into your every day life.

We pride ourselves on providing products and resources to support your emotional wellbeing, reduce anxiety  making  you  feel  empowered, grounded, and calm.


Whether you're feeling anxious, overwhelmed, pulled in a million different directions or just plain-old stressed out, self care is the vital shift that will help bring your emotional state back into homeostasis.


You can find a self care product that fits into your everyday life in our shop.

If you’re ready to use self care to reduce anxiety, enroll in the Self Care Mini Course today.


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