2 Reasons to Track your Menstrual Cycles

You may be hearing the call. The call to remember that you are an infinite reflection of the Universe itself. Your body reflects this magnificent idea and so does your soul. You may even be diving deep into a very physical yet spiritual concept known as womb healing. If you have been diving into the world of womb healing, womb consciousness, sacred menstruation, and cyclic nature, then you're not here by accident.

It is a sacred gift to be a reflection of the cosmic cycles and it so important to track your cycles. here are 2 reasons to track your menstrual cycles.


01 - Spark your Self Expression

About a year ago, I discovered the uncanny correlation between the larynx and the womb. (Look it up -- it's incredible!) The physical resemblance is just another wink from the Universe as if to say, "Don't you see? Everything's connected, my love."

When you spark the womb healing journey within yourself, you also begin to clear your throat chakra, making way for clear self expression and articulation of thoughts into words.
You begin to feel self empowered to finally own your authentic voice, and honor your sacred emotions.
The womb and the throat go hand in hand. When you begin to heal one you begin to heal the other.
Since the womb space and throat are spiritually linked, the formula for Rose Elixir was divinely intended. The color blue is associated with the throat chakra, and a main ingredient within Rose Elixir is German Chamomile... a deep blue color.
You can swipe Rose Elixir on the throat chakra to support you as you embody your more authentic, confident, self expressive self.

02 - Realize you're a Cosmic Reflection

When you start to track your menstrual cycles for a few months, a couple things happen.

1: You intuitively know exactly which phase you are in as it relates to your cycle.

2: You begin to feel a profound connection to the cycles around you -- the seasons, the planets, other people, life itself and the cosmos.

Here's some ideas to get you started:

  • Use Rose Elixir during your entire monthly menstrual cycle not just when you are menstruating. There are essential oils within the formula to support you through each of the 4 main phases of your cycle, and Rose Elixir always arrives a card that guides you through each phase.
  • Track mood swings and dreams for insight on your cyclic rhythms. Have a notepad by your bedside to remind you to track your cycle is a great idea.
  • Simply swipe Rose Elixir on the sacral chakra and tune in to how that chakra is feeling and what adjustments need to be made to honor your cycle.


The biggest takeaway: Give yourself the gift of menstrual cycle alignment and cyclic living by tracking where you're at for 3 months -- and see what happens.

If you're ready to spark and continue your cyclic nature alignment journey, be sure to check out Rose Elixir to support you on your journey.