Daily Habits to Reprogram your Subconscious Mind and Improve your Life


“A ritual is the enactment of a myth. And, by participating in the ritual, you are participating in the myth. And since myth is a projection of the depth wisdom of the psyche, by participating in a ritual, participating in the myth, you are being, as it were, put in accord with that wisdom, which is the wisdom that is inherent within you anyhow. Your consciousness is being reminded of the wisdom of your own life. I think ritual is terribly important.”
 Joseph Campbell


Ready to create mental self mastery through the art of everyday rituals?

In this post, you will learn how to dance with the element of Air to create potent, daily rituals that attract your desires, reprogram your subconscious mind, and improve your Life.

and... you'll learn the 1 thing that I missed that made me into a stressed out manifestor. (You don't want to make this mistake).

Save this post for later, because it's full of juicy content you'll want to return to again and again.

Now, let's dance.


1: Visualize the Vision

For starters, you want to be sure to get clear on your vision. You can do this when you utilize the element of Air to tap into your visionary self. Your visionary self is the part of you that knows no limits. Sounds exciting, right?

Let's tap into your visionary self now: Visualize yourself on a tall cliff by an ocean, the wind feels wild as it dances through your hair and across your face. With the wind, comes infinite possibilities which hold the infinite visions you could have for your life.

Imagine these infinite possibilities are all laid out in front of you, waiting for your to select one of them.

Some of these visions are wild and push the boundaries of what you believe are possible. Some may comfortable... a little too comfortable... maybe you're meant for more? Other visions may feel constricting and limiting. Which will you choose? Select your vision using your intuition and surrender the rest of the visions to the element of Air... the wind.


2: Create the Vision

Now that you've selected your vision, it's time to wrangle that wind into the creative force that will serve you in the manifestation of that vision.

What does this mean? It means you must have that deep-seeded devotion to the creation of that vision in every moment of your life. Here's how.

◈ ⁠Take inventory of the thoughts, words, actions and beliefs that have created the reality in which you are in, now. keep a record of your thoughts, words actions and beliefs for 3-5 days in a notebook.

◈ ⁠At the end of your chosen tracking time, decide which thoughts, words, actions and beliefs feel constricted and not in service of your selected vision.

◈ ⁠Release the thoughts, words, actions, beliefs that you tracked in your notebook. Tear out the pages where you tracked your thoughts, words, actions and beliefs that don't serve you, grab a lighter or some matches and burn the paper. Light it up. Release it to the fire (safely, of course)


3: Devote to the new way of Being.

Now that you have released what no longer serves you to the fire, it's now time to decide how you are going to create your selected vision through your daily rituals.

◈ ⁠What thoughts would you rather think and how can you remind yourself to think them?

◈ ⁠What words would you rather speak and how can you remind yourself to say them?

◈ ⁠What actions would you rather take and how can you remind yourself to take them?

◈ ⁠What beliefs would you rather hold and how can you remind yourself to embody them?

◈ ⁠What inner knowing would you rather have and how can you remind yourself to embody it?


This process is all about bridging the gap.

As you consciously create your daily rituals in accordance to the answers to the questions above, your subconscious mind will get on board, promise.


This will result in a new way of Being.

This new way of Being will become second nature to you. 

Remember, when creating elevated change within yourself, it takes some conscious re-alignment and inner devotion.

4: Invite Your Higher Self In

To be honest, when I first tried this everyday ritual method I'm outlining for you, I completely forgot to invite my Higher Self into the party. Consequently, it wasn't a party at all... it felt like hard work to manifest anything. I was a straight up, stressed out manifestor. To be the Magician of Your Life, you must invite that infinite spirit within you to take over... you know... your Soul.

Start your day by inviting your Higher Self to think, speak, act, and believe and know through your human being. It might just sound like words now, but this is where the true magick happens.

Remind yourself to invite your Higher Self in, throughout the day as much as possible. This can be done in simple conscious ways at first such as notes around the house, imbuing a candle with your sacred intention, and setting reminders on your phone. Doing this creates conscious shifts in alignment with your Higher Self and the Divine, which will become subconscious over time.

Real life example: If you light a candle every morning, do so with your new way of Being in mind. Let's say you want to focus on gratitude in order to shift your subconscious mind into a state of optimism, you would light your candle, hold the feeling of gratitude in your hear, and every time you see that candle it serves as a reminder to check in with your intention.


4: Surrender the Process.

Remind yourself throughout this process that you are not broken. It takes time for your subconscious mind to get on board.

Your conscious efforts to realign your life with your selected vision and ultimate desires WILL become subconscious habits that serve the creation of your desires. It's how human beings and human minds were created to work.

Honestly, the real work is removing the belief that "it might not happen" or you are somehow "doing it wrong". These thoughts introduce self sabotage and doubt into the picture. Those thoughts slowly dissolve as you surrender to the process and continue to invite your Higher Self to lead the way as you integrate your new way of Being through your devotion to your daily rituals and habits.



 Create your desired vision in life through this simple process to reprogram your subconscious mind through daily habits that will improve your life.


What do your daily rituals to reprogram your subconscious mind look like?


As always, we offer beautiful ritual bundles to support you as you reprogram the subconscious mind and improve your life. 


Remember, devote to your new way of Being, trust yourself and magick will happen.