Find Your Individuality and Confidence to Succeed

"I believe in individuality, that everyone is special. Find that quality and let it live."
- Grace Jones

Ready to blaze your own path with the element of Fire to discover your unique Soul medicine?

In this post, you're going to learn how to blaze a courageous path forward, by learning how to find your inner confidence and individuality with the Element of Fire.

To know your Soul Elixir is to know that you are blazing a path that is rooted in your Truth, and no one else's.


To create your Soul Elixir, we need 3 potent ingredients.

1: Your Soul Print. 2: Your Soul Craft. 3: Your Soul Magick.


Don't worry - I'm going to walk you through the process to source all 3 of ingredients today, so you can formulate your unique Soul Elixir, which is the unique medicine that your soul agreed to bring to Earth at this time.


Let's blaze that courageous path forward, my love.


1: Soul Print

What is your Soul Print? Your Soul Print is a unique fabric of experiences your soul chose to experience in this incarnation. In short, it is what has shaped you. Your Soul Print can also expand and source its fabric of experiences from past life wisdom and interdimensional wisdom. The experiences in this particular incarnation whether good or bad have been the catalysts for your healing.

How to discover your Soul Print: First and foremost, you must approach your Soul Print from a place of neutrality. No experience is either good or bad, it just is.

Now, jot down the following:

◈ ⁠What major events and experiences have been the catalysts for my healing?

◈ ⁠If they hadn't had happened, what parts of myself would I not have gained insight on? What wisdom unfolded from those experiences?


Bonus: Explore the concepts of astral travel and past life regression to unfold your interdimensional wisdom and past/parallel lifetime wisdom to expand on the potency of your Soul Print.

You will begin to see a pattern emerge when you answer the questions above.

That pattern is the foundational pillars of your Soul Print.


2: Soul Craft

What is your Soul Craft? Your Soul Craft is the way in which you contribute as a Lightworker. It is a combination of what lights you up and fulfills you on a deep level. The one quality that makes your Soul Craft different from anyone else's is this: it the way you overcame obstacles, it is the way you do life, it is the way you continue to thrive. Your Soul Craft is usually birthed from your Soul Print and experiences therein. Your Soul Craft is the unique path and unfoldment of wisdom that has brought you to where you are today. Your Soul Craft will serve as the foundation for how you help others have a major transformation in their lives.

How do discover your Soul Craft?: You can discover your Soul Craft by returning to where you were before a major transformation took place in your life.

Think of it as stages and then determine how you overcame those stages in an empowered way.

Because remember, alchemy cannot happen without the fire.

For example:

Stage 1: At the beginning of a major event in your life - how did you overcome Stage 1? What inner resilience did you discover?

Stage 2: In the midst of the major event in your life - how did you overcome this stage? What inner acceptance did you find within yourself?

Stage 3: Towards the ending of a major event in your life - What soul wisdom did you unfold that allowed you to release and close that chapter?

When you answer those questions, you have the outline for your Soul Craft and you can continue to expand on it as you evolve.

It serves such a grand purpose: your Soul Craft is birthed from your individuality and gives you the confidence you need to succeed... because you know you are building upon your dream, not someone else's.


3: Soul Magick

What is your Soul Magick? Your Soul Magick is your unique energy you bring to the table. It is the path in which you channel your soul's expression; how you deliver your message. It is your earthly personality but it is sourced from the deeply spiritual part of you. Soul Magick is that spark that attracts your people to you and they don't even know why.

How to discover your Soul Magick: Simply put, Soul Magick comes from embodiment. To discover your Soul Magick, you must embody your Soul Craft. You can try to intellectualize and plan out what your unique Soul Magick looks like (trust me, I tried this for the longest time). However, until you embody your Soul's Craft on a deep level, your Soul Magick remains lukewarm. 

If you integrate the lessons and unique foundational pillars from your Soul Print and Soul Craft, your Soul Magick, your unique essence, naturally pours through your being.


When you add all of these together you will formulate your unique Soul Elixir.

and... your Soul Elixir is the very thing that will help you to find your individuality and confidence to succeed.



 Discover your individuality and inner confidence, so you can formulate your unique Soul Elixir, which is the unique medicine that your soul agreed to bring to Earth at this time and embrace the confidence you need to succeed.


So, what does your Soul Elixir (Soul medicine) look like?


In closing, I want to share this channeled writing with you:

alchemy cannot happen without the fire.

the challenges.

the setbacks.

the trial and error.

it cannot happen without the rage.

it cannot happen without the release.

it cannot happen without the radical change.

of what’s bubbling underneath.

is brought to the surface.

to alchemize into the potent expression of Soul.


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