Identify Your True Gifts and Calling

"We love; that's why life is full of so many gifts."

- Rumi

Today, let me lead you on a journey through the element of water, a deep dive into the mystical realms, where you can identify your true gifts and calling.

A never-ending process, the discovery of your true gifts and calling can be as exhausting as much as it is fulfilling -- let's make it easier to find those first steps.

1: Intuitive Check In

Nothing is as consistent as change, therefore, your truth and intuitive pulls will change as you move through the phases of your life.

The most important question to ask yourself is this: "In this moment, intuitively, where am I feeling pulled? Where has my intuition been leading me recently?"

Maybe your intuition has been suggesting you try something new... or to sprinkle some creative juice on the old way of doing things. What have you always wanted to try but never thought there was time to do it?

Truth: Sometimes we become so caught up in 'finding' our calling that we miss the intuitive pulls towards the discovery of our gifts and callings in the first place.

When you honor these soul calls and intuitive nudges, you begin to see why these interests have always intrigued you... because they are apart of your realm of genius, and true calling.

2: Cultivate Self Trust

As you through embark on this journey to identify your true gifts and calling, make this one promise to yourself: to embody massive levels of self trust.

Whatever your intuition is pulling you towards, go there and explore. The only "wrong move" is not listening to the intuitive nudges. It would be misleading to say you will fully discover your hidden realm of genius within the next 5 minutes. Your soul signed up for more than that. Your soul signed up for many things in this life, and one of them, was to cultivate self trust within yourself.

Self Trust Activity: Go back and acknowledge all the times your intuition was on point. For example, the one time when you had a weird feeling about that one person (you know who). Now think about it, didn't it turn out to be an extremely accurate intuitive nudge? (I speak from experience!)

Think of another example where your intuition was on point. And another. Come back to this list whenever you need to add another piece of 'intuitive proof' or to re-ignite your self trust simply by reading over the list.

One more thing: contrary to common belief, there is no rush. Remember, you signed up for this life and with it, the intuitive nudges towards your inner gifts. Your sacred intuition agreed to be your partner in this life.

Feel into your body in this moment. Deep down, that statement above brings a sense of calm to your nervous system and ultimately your soul; because you know it is true. 

3: The Bridge to Authenticity

Okay, this is a big paradigm shift. Are you ready?

As you discover more about yourself and identify your true gifts and calling, you're not actually accumulating more information about yourself. Rather, you are unfolding to who you always have been.

Think of that for moment.

Your whole life, you've been a flower bud, waiting to blossom and unfold. As you move with the intuitive pulls and soul aligned nudges, you slowly unfold that soul flower that you are and always have been.

How's does that feel? Comforting? Inspiring?

That feeling is your souls saying a big "YES!" 

Always remember to ask: What is true for me, here in this moment? Share from that space. Explore from that space. Let the intuitive nudges pull you towards something, from that space.


4: Mix it all together

By now, you have:

1. Determined your first step - the intuitive nudge that you are going to now give yourself permission to explore.

2. Devoted to embodying self trust through the journey.

3. Experienced a major paradigm shift around what it truly means unfold into your authenticity.

Activity: Sit quietly and begin to feel each of the concepts above deeply within your body. Now ask yourself, "What activity emerges from these energies put together?"

That activity right there, is your next step to discover your hidden realm of genius. 



The discovery of your true gifts and calling can be as exhausting as much as it is fulfilling -- let's make it easier to find those first steps.


What's next?

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