Replace Your Daily Routine with Ritual

"Let my life be one big moving prayer."

Rebecca Campbell - Author + Mystic


What's your first thought when you hear the phrase, 'daily routine'?

Mundane? The daily grind? or just a plain old "UGH."?

Even if you find security in your daily routine, my goal today is to help you bring a little more magic into your everyday life, by reframing your daily routine into something more fulfilling -- ritual.


01 - Ritual = reclaiming your power

Have you ever experienced this? You wake up early, grab your favorite hot drink and journal. Then, you have an amazing journaling session -- all about your intentions for the day, even messages from your higher self come through. You feel lit up, and ready to take on your day. But then the day starts. The daily routines begin. The default ways of being and acting, kick in... and you totally forget about the intentions you set during your journaling session.

Frustrating, right? What's missing?


Awareness is the key to changing your way of being to align with your desires.

It's basically your ticket to ascension. When we spiritually wake up, awareness is the first thing to activate -- and it inspires us to question everything we have ever known.

But that's a topic for another day.

When you infuse mindful rituals into your day, you're ascending spiritually because you're activating your awareness. Which leads us to the next point, all about the power of choice.


02 - Power of choice

90+% of our daily actions are simply repetitions from the previous day. This means, if we're taking daily actions from a space of fear, trauma, and panic we are strengthening the neural pathways that are not serving us.

The good news is, you have the power to choose.

Here's an example. Let's say you have a daily routine that involves gulping down your morning coffee while scrolling instagram. You can choose to replace that routine with a simple ritual that includes mindful sips of your coffee, all while stepping outside for 5 minutes for some fresh air.  Your ritual doesn't have to take any more time than your routine, it's all about bringing more awareness into your day, throughout the day.

When you consciously choose to replace this routine with a mindful ritual, you bring more awareness into the present moment, therefore reclaiming your power to choose your emotional state.

This allows you say NO to unconscious self-sabotaging "routines" and HELLO to mindful, empowering rituals that energetically align you with your desires.

Ideas to help you replace routine with ritual

  • Stir your intention for the day into your morning tea or coffee.
  • Visualize your cells being nourished as you eat your meals.
  • If you go to bed feeling worried and like your thoughts are consuming your mind, get grounded by visualizing a golden cord from your Root Chakra to the core of the earth and/or use Smoky Quartz infused Elixir Creme to comfort yourself and ground your energy.
  • Infuse your intention into a candle before you start the day, then light it. 
  • When you feel worry and anxiety creep in, taking a moment to do 3 sets of box breaths. (breathe in for 4 counts, hold your breathe for 4 counts and breathe out for 8 counts)

You get the idea! The goal is -- choose anything that reminds you to stop and re-align your frequency with your desires throughout the day!

03 - A note on quantum leaping

Quantum leaping sounds like a big deal, right? Sometimes, the concept seems insurmountable and overwhelming. However, quantum leaping happens when you place your awareness on the unlimited potential possibilities around you -- and you choose the reality you want to experience (by focusing your awareness on it).

Then you align your way of being throughout the day so that you remain in that energetic space for as much as possible.

That's where these mindful rituals come in.

When you replace your daily routines with mindful rituals, and you are giving yourself the opportunity to consciously observe your emotional and energetic states.

When you do this, you have the power to choose what energy/emotions you are going to release/alchemize and which ones you are going to expand on, thus, quantum leaping.





Allow your mind to run wild -- how can you start replacing some mundane routines with mindful rituals?

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