How to Get Clear on Your Vision

"One, intentional move per day, blossoms into more than a million scattered actions ever could."

- Anonymous


If you are feeling overwhelmed, distracted or swirling with ideas, this is the article for you.

Today, we are going to ground your vision with the element of Earth to get clear on your vision so you can co-create your desires.

 The best part? It all comes down to 3 simple steps and realizations.



Part 1: Activate your Visionary Self

 All versions of you are co-existing in different realms and dimensions simultaneously. One of those versions of you is your visionary self, the part of your soul that can see the unlimited and unrestrained potential that you are capable of. With that being said, there is no way that you came to Earth without a purpose. You've just simply forgotten what you want.

To activate your visionary self, place your awareness on your Crown and Third Eye Chakras. Visualize a slow trickle of golden light, running down from the top of your head into your Third Eye space.




Now, simply ask yourself a few questions:

  • What do I deeply desire?
  • What do I want to create?

Hold the answers to those questions in your mind (or jot them down on a notepad) and let's move on to a BIG realization I want to share with you.


Part 2: "Future You" does not have the answers.

This may be an unpopular opinion but I am going to say it. The "Future You" or "Next Level You" does not hold all the answers. Please, stop pushing all the wisdom off on your future self.

The only way your future self has been able to reach their next level of self-awareness, consciousness and success is because of the current version of you. You know, the one who is devoted to this path of unfoldment and reading this post right now.

Think of it this way.

Your future self is looking back at all they have accomplished. They are sending you gratitude right now for the devotion that you are currently embodying in the here and now.

All this to say, you have everything within you to get clear on your vision in this moment. Stop pushing all the deep, inner knowing onto your future self, leaving your current self disempowered and confused.

You are the one walking this Path.
You are the one who is devoted to this Way of unfoldment.
You are the one getting your future self to where they are destined to be.
You're on your Way.

Part 3: Let's Ground It

Alright, let's move on to exactly how to get clear on your vision for your future. 

From The element of Earth is the most grounding energy there is within our existence. We are going to invite the element of Earth to ground the airy chaotic energy of confusion into practical and grounded clarity for your path forward.

Place your awareness on your Root Chakra, and visualize a beaming, crimson red color emanating from this space.

Think about the answers from the questions in Part 1: Now, ask yourself a these remaining questions:

  • Am I truly in alignment with my desires now?
  • Where can I honor my spiritual gifts?
  • Where am I currently distracted?
  • How can I refine what I'm doing now? 


The answers that arise from these questions, and the answers to the questions from your visionary self from Part 1, are the grounded clarity you need to move forward on your path to fulfillment.



 Not sure what the vision for your future looks like? Here's 3 simple steps to get clear on the vision for your future, today.

How have you gained more clarity on the vision for your future, today?


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