Womb Consciousness - My Story

My Initiation into Womb Consciousness was full of resistance.

Last year, I'd pretty much reached my limit.⁠
I was so done.⁠

I would step in and out of the shower and quickly cover my body to avoid witnessing the red hot (and itchy) patches forming all over my back, legs, stomach and neck. ⁠

They only seemed to grow bigger and more aggravated every day.⁠

After having my second son the previous year, I had opted for IUD contraception. I thought nothing of it at the time.⁠

What I didn't realize was my body was having a severe reaction to this alien object (IUD) in my body... and not just in any old place in my body, but my womb space.⁠

I remember crying to my husband about how "embarrassing this is" and "I'm a master herbalist for god's sake, why can't I just treat this skin issue and be done with it?!"⁠

I remember being really mad. Mad at myself. Mad at my skin. Then I started to blame my diet which led to the elimination of dairy from my diet. Then, I cut out gluten from my diet. Then sugar.⁠

Nothing worked, in fact the condition became more aggravated every time I tried something new to get rid of it.⁠

It even got to the point where I considered steroids and generic medical treatment.⁠

What I didn't realize was, my womb was straight up MAD. Her sacred space had been violated, plugged up, traumatized and shut down for far too long... for lifetimes.⁠


She wanted freedom. ⁠
She wanted cycles. ⁠
She wanted to return to her natural way of being. ⁠
She wanted love. ⁠
She wanted acceptance.⁠

Finally, after exhausting any and every avenue in an effort to get rid of this skin condition, I began to listen to my body. One morning (I'll never forget it, it feels like yesterday), I received the clearest message from Spirit...⁠

"Free your womb." ⁠

I knew exactly what that meant.⁠

I immediately called my OBGYN and scheduled the IUD removal.⁠

It took about 3 months, but my skin returned to a beautiful, natural state afterwards.⁠

Ever since, I've been on a very personal and intimate journey of womb space healing and Divine Feminine embodiment.⁠
◈ I've been aligning with my cyclic nature and sacred menstruation.⁠
◈ I started having dreams of roses blooming in my sacral chakra and healing my womb space from lifetimes of trauma.⁠ (Let me know if you relate - trauma stays with us for a WHILE)⁠
◈ I started having dreams and visions of ancient divine feminine lineages supporting their cause during this time on earth through healing the shame that women hold⁠

And an added bonus, about 6 months ago, I realized I don't even suffer from PMS and period pain anymore.⁠

This is The Way of the Sacred Rose. An ever-unfolding journey of Divine Feminine embodiment.⁠

Tomorrow, I'm going to break down the exact steps in detail around how I was able to finally break free of these issues, but until then, here's a quick list to get you on The Way:⁠

> Begin to track your menstrual cycles⁠
> Send your womb space gratitude every morning.⁠
> Begin to notice how your menstrual cycles reflect the cycles around you -- the seasons, the moon, the planets, and life itself.⁠

Thank you for witnessing my story.

It's an honor to share it with you! 🌹⁠


This journey was my initiation into womb consciousness, an ever-unfolding choice to align with sovereignty. It was the initiation that birthed the Rose Elixir, an essential oil and crystal blend formulated to support you as you align with sacred menstruation, cyclic nature and the divine Feminine.

Feel free to read more about the Rose Elixir and thank you again, for witnessing my story.