5 Ways to Practice Daily Self-Care

Self-care is officially the new black. The biggest trends in the wellness world, for 2018, have been released. One of the trends that really peaked our interest was 'self-care'.  It is a very necessary topic to address but is so often over-looked in our busy lives.

We've become addicted to the frenzy that we call 'busy'.  

It's time to take some time out. 


Acting on self-care provides benefits, internally and externally

  1. Manage stress.
  2. A time to treat your body.
  3. Take care of others better.
  4. Calming form of meditation.
  5. Improves work performance.  
  6. Sometimes lightbulb comes on when we step back and relax.  
  7. Longevity... instead of anti-aging... be a good example to those around you!

Consider this

How can we pour an empty glass?

How are we expected to take care of others if we ourselves are struggling?  


Self-care ranges from a minor indulgence to major decisions, like saying 'no' to something. 



  • Slow down
  • Practice yoga
  • Cook a nutritious meal
  • Practice saying positive things about yourself
  • A hot bath with your favorite self-care products


Where to start?


For the month of November 2018, our official theme is SELF-CARE.

Self-care is not selfish. In order to be open to receiving anything in life, feeling like you are already enough, is highly important.
That's where self-care comes in!
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Self-care is the new black. What are your thoughts? Hop on over to Insta and let us know!


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