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Part 3 - The Toxic Rainbow

Are Artificial Food Dyes as safe as the FDA Claims Them to be? Let’s put the question another way.  Is it safe to give a child food that contains petroleum, even if the FDA says it’s safe?  That’s what artificial food dyes are made from – petroleum.  The quantity of petroleum is small but large enough to cause hyperactivity and behavioral problems in some children. The link between artificial food dyes and hyperactivity in children – now known as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) – caught the attention of the late Dr. Benjamin Feingold.  He was a pediatric allergist from California.   In the 1970’s he had great success in treating his young hyperactive patients through diet.  He created a...

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Part 2 - The Toxic Rainbow

A Look into the History of Food Dyes Food color was a means of survival for early humans.  They learned to avoid blue, purple, or black food as it was either toxic or spoiled.   Then around 1500 B.C. archeologists discovered that Ancient Egyptians colored their food with saffron.  Until recently, food color was harvested from nature -- -- paprika, turmeric, beet extract, petals of various flowers, and squid ink!   Poisoned Bread, Copper Pickles and Lead Candy Then around 1250 A.D. food coloring took a dirty deceptive dive. White flour and bread were considered delicacies.  Only wealthy folks could afford these luxuries.  So, tricky bakers sold their own cheap versions to peasants. They added lime, chalk, or even crushed...

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Part 1 - The Toxic Rainbow

Food Dyes - The Toxic Rainbow In keeping with a passion for pure products and a deep love of research, we unearthed troubling information about synthetic food dyes. In this five-part series entitled Food Dyes: The Toxic Rainbow, we’ll examine the following topics: Part 1: A Little Knowledge Goes a Long Way   Part 2: A Look into the History of Food Dyes Park 3: Are Artificial Food Dyes as Safe as the FDA Claims Them to be? Part 4: Which Foods Contain Food Dyes? Part 5: Is There a Healthy Natural Alternative to Food Dyes? We guarantee that by the time you finish reading this five-part series, you too will become a voracious label-reader. Part 1 A Little Knowledge...

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