3 Ways to Show Yourself Self-Love During the Holidays

The holidays tend to be the most stressful of times. But, why? It should be a time that we celebrate! We have some time off work, the weather is officially #sweaterweather, and sometimes, we even have the chance to spend the holidays with family.

So, why do the holidays become a stressful time?

Stress. Expectations. Cleaning. Lack of communication. Last-minute gift-shopping.  Organization. Dinner planning. In laws.
Feeling panicked?
While some parts of the holiday stress are inevitable, there are 3 major ways you can still remain calm and show yourself some love this holidays season.
Here they are!

#1 - Mindfulness

Minding the mind, so to speak. Be very conscious of the thoughts that enter your mind during this time (and always).  Whatever you hold in your mind for more than 40-seconds must take physical form; whether this thought is negative or positive. Guard your thoughts and take responsibility for them.  Accept them, and change them, if they are negative.

#2 - Move!

The holidays can make you feel as stuffed as that stuffed turkey in the oven. Don't let it throw you off! Even though you may not feel like it, do not ignore the necessity of daily activity.  Bundle up and take a quick walk around the neighborhood.  Do some yoga after your morning coffee (better yet, your morning Matcha!).

#3 - Self-Care. One more time... Self-Care

The holidays can make you feel like you are doing everything for everyone... except yourself.  There's absolutely nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself, or re-kindling that forgotten self-care routine.  In fact, it is very important that you do, especially around the holidays. Celebrate yourself and all the amazing things you do every day.
So, when you are shopping around for all those gifts for family and friends, pick up something for yourself, too. Gosh, you really do deserve it!


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