Self-Love is the New Black

It's 2018! Self-love is the New Black. The biggest trends in the wellness world have been released and one that really peaked our interest was 'self-love'.  It is a very necessary topic to address but is so often over-looked in our busy lives.

We've become addicted to the frenzy that we call 'busy'.  It's time to take some time out. 


Acting on self-love provides benefits, internally and externally

  1. Manage stress.
  2. A time to treat your body.
  3. Take care of others better.
  4. Calming form of meditation.
  5. Improves work performance.  
  6. Sometimes lightbulb comes on when we step back and relax.  
  7. Longevity... instead of anti-aging... be a good example to those around you!

Consider this - 

How can we pour an empty glass?

How are we expected to take care of others if we ourselves are struggling?  


Self-love can have great range. It can range from major life changes to something indulgent that you never do for yourself.


Suggestions in which we can all practice self-love 

  • Slow down
  • Forgive someone
  • Write out your talents
  • Saying 'no' to something
  • Organize your workspace
  • Cook a nutritious meal for yourself
  • Going for a walk with a loved one or pet
  • Revamp your to-do list to be more realistic
  • Asking for something you know you deserve
  • Practice saying positive things about yourself
  • A hot bath with your favorite self-care products


In August, we will be launching a 31 Day Self-Love challenge! There will be two mini challenges prior to that as well.  Be sure to SIGN UP for our newsletter so you don't miss it!


Thanks so much for reading.  Make sure to check out our shop if you're stuck on how to practice self-love.  A bit of pampering does the body good.


Self-love is the new black. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below! 



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