Conscious Self Care for Soul Healing

Within you, there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”
 Hermann Hesse

Self care as we know it, is long overdue to an upgrade in thought.

Only in the 21st century have we seen a rise in interest as it relates to self care. It has become a necessity, not a luxury. Now, it's time to determine how you can use self care to heal your soul -- and we are calling it conscious self care.

Self care plays an integral role in soul healing if used in a conscious way -- let me show you how.


1: Soul Healing Intention

Before your move forward with conscious self care for soul healing, it is important to set your intention.

What is the focus? What are your currently focusing on healing? Soul healing is a process of unfoldment. Your current focus could be inner child healing, releasing limiting blocks, emotional healing, nervous system regulation, subconscious reprogramming, Divine Feminine healing, shadow alchemy or something else entirely. So, what pillar of soul healing do you wish to focus upon?

Now that you know your intention, ask yourself "Why?" You may have to ask yourself this question up to 10 times to reach the root of your true Why. When you do this, you are making certain this intention is congruent with your soul and not due to feeling like you "should". This opens you up to deeper soul healing.

When you become clear on your intention, you have the key to success. 

The Ritual: Journal out your soul healing intention and ask yourself "Why?" as many times as needed to reach your true Why.

2: Release Resistance

To release resistance to a new routine or habit, call it a ritual, and here's why. When you start any new routine or habit there is naturally some resistance... because up until now you are not used to it. That is why it is important to call your conscious self care ritual a ritual not a routine or habit. Doing this will soften any resistance to this new ritual and open you up to greater soul healing.




3: Select Your Conscious Self Care Ritual

Select your Ritual depending on your intention. This will vary but here is a great example of what your conscious self care rituals can look like:

AM: gratitude journaling followed by doing a simple centering exercise with Peace Elixir. Roll Peace Elixir onto your wrists and palms, hold your hands up to your face and inhale deeply while saying, "I return to peace. I am peace." 3 times.

Afternoon: 5-minute meditation and anoint yourself with Omni Oil before you begin to connect with your Higher Self.

PM: an evening walk followed by a cleansing shower using one of our crystal infused soaps depending on your self care intention - Detox Soap for Detoxification, Blush Soap for Self Love, Mellow Soap for Abundance, Luna Soap for Divine Feminine Healing, Smoky Soap for Divine Masculine Healing.

Anytime: Devote to daily time to ground yourself outside with no shoes. Breath in the fresh air and feel the sun on your face.

Anytime: Connect with your body using Elixir Creme to connect in with each part of your body. Love on your body and ask it what it needs.

Conscious self care for soul healing becomes easier if you choose one ritual to begin with and expand from there.

The Action Step: Choose your conscious self care ritual from the list above or intuitively choose one that feels right in your soul. If you feel you need support in the form of self care products and ritual kits, feel free to visit our shop or tap the product links above.


Used in a conscious way, self care rituals will not only soothe your body and mind, but support your soul healing and ascension.



There is a lot more to self care than we have come to realize in the past 20-30 years or so. Self care expands beyond luxurious baths and physical detoxification, even though those are wonderful.

Self care is a powerful tool to heal your soul.

Used in a conscious way, self care rituals will not only soothe your body and mind, but support your soul healing.