3 Herbs for Soul Healing

Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh at so-called scientific knowledge. Remedies from chemicals will never stand in favour compared with the products of nature, the living cell of the plant, the final result of the rays of the sun, the mother of all life.”
― T.A. Edison

Nature hold the codes we need for soul healing and for far too long, humanity has ignored this magic. 

Despite the "alternative" categorization we have been conditioned to place herbalism within, we can no longer ignore the important place herbalism has held all through time to support the healing of humanity. Herbalism has been an integral part of healing on all levels for 60,000 years with written records dating back 5,000 years. It is only now, we are rediscovering and remembering the vital role herbs play in soul healing.

If we all adopted herbs into our daily routines and rituals, we would not only benefit physically, but be able to experience deeper soul healing, as well.


1: Holy Basil for Chakra Cleansing

Known as Mother Medicine of Nature, Holy Basil (Tulsi) embodies her name well. When you include Holy Basil within your daily rituals, whether sipping an infusion for tea or popping some dried leaves in your dinner, you are consuming soul healing properties through the power of herbalism. Including Holy Basil in your daily routines or magical rituals is highly beneficial since she l 'oversees' your soul healing via chakra cleansing. Regular ingestion of Holy Basil opens all the chakras for the purposes of cleansing and rebalancing them, an integral part of soul healing.

Holy Basil really is the Great Mother of the herbal plant world.

The Ritual: Drink Holy Basil every day and focus on clearing one chakra during that day. I encourage you to intuitively choose the chakra you wish to focus on each day, however, here is an example - focus on rebalancing the Solar Plexus on Sunday (Solar) Day, and drink Holy Basil tea throughout the day. By the end of the week you will have dedicated a day to each chakra and with the help of Holy Basil, rebalanced your system!

2: Rosemary for Protection and Soul Remembrance

Rosemary is a standard herb used throughout the ages for protection both physically and spiritually. Soul healing is usually accompanied by what they call a Dark Night of the Soul (sometimes lasting up to a few months). During that time, you become quite vulnerable in the spirit realm, that's why it's important to employ some sort of protection -- and what better than the magic of Rosemary!

Use Rosemary to protect your home (plant it around the edges of where you live or place a Rosemary plant on a windowsill). Feel free to bring a few sprigs of Rosemary into the home and place in a spot that feels right to you. Use Rosemary to protect your soul by diffusing it in an essential oil diffuser and using it's oils on your body using Ease Elixir. Rosemary is great to use during a Dark Night of the Soul or anytime you feel you need extra protection.


Through time, Rosemary has been used to activate Soul Remembrance. Even in Shakespeare's Hamlet, Ophelia alluded to this truth when she presents Hamlet with Rosemary saying, "and Rosemary... for remembrance."

Since the times of Ancient Greece, Rosemary was used to assist in memory retention. It assists in a grander way too, when utilized in soul remembrance and past life regression. This helps to source information about past incarnations and receive lessons you can now utilize to support your ascension in this life.

Rosemary essential oil or the plant itself is a multipurpose gift from Mother Earth to support your soul healing.

The Ritual: Use Ease Elixir which includes Rosemary Essential Oil to protect support in achieving clarity of mind as you embark on your soul healing journey through remembrance.


3: Willow Bark for Emotional Healing

Soul healing happens with much more ease when you reprogram the subconscious mind. Willow Bark is a fantastic tool to utilize when you want to reprogram your subconscious mind. When repressed emotions (we will get to that in a minute) come up to the surface, there's always some subconscious healing being asked of us.Subconscious reprogramming is a highly important tool to ensure the mind is programmed in a positive way, so that you do not unintentionally self sabotage.

One of the most important pillars of soul healing is Divine Feminine embodiment through healing repressed emotions. Everyone will be asked to embody the Divine Feminine in their lifetime, some will accept, some will refuse. Feminine embodiment can only happen when we listen to out emotional guidance system. This is where Willow Bark comes in.

Willow Bark assists in accessing and "loosening up" repressed emotions so we can heal the soul and integrate the lessons. Additionally, repressed emotions can manifest as physical 'dis-eases' therefore, we must prioritize this sort of emotional healing.

Willow Bark is a powerful tool to have in your herbal kit to alchemize stuck emotions and reprogram your subconscious mind for success and self trust.

The Ritual: Drink Willow Bark tea 3x a week. While you do, get cozy and journal out your answers to the following questions:

- What uncomfortable emotion has been surfacing consistently in my life recently?

- What is this asking of me?


 If we all adopted herbs into our daily routines and rituals, we would not only benefit physically, but be able to experience deeper soul healing, as well.



In conclusion, I believe the sooner we all include herbs into our everyday rituals, we will heal on an individual level and a collective level.

Which herb will you begin with to support your soul healing?

 The plant world has been here all along, and is asking to support us.