Soul Healing: Forget Ascension Symptoms

Never underestimate the empowered empath. Our kindness and compassion is too often mistaken for weakness or naivety, while we are in fact highly calibrated human lie detectors…and fearless warriors for truth and justice.
 Anthon St. Maarten

Have you heard of 'ascension symptoms'? Using this terminology has the potential to be damage and produce self sabotage.

I almost sat down to wrote a post about ascension symptoms, and received a strong message from the Divine to stop in my tracks.

Soul healing is the reason we are here. Our souls decided to return to Earth for the ultimate school of 'returning' to Source. Ascension and soul healing was designed to be an empowering return to who we truly are... not a disempowering, exhausting set of symptoms.

We are not meant to suffer for the very reason we are here.

In what follows, you will learn how to bypass soul healing sabotage, the frequency behind words and how to use conscious self care to heal your soul. 

Subconscious Self Sabotage

When we link high frequency words 'soul healing' and 'ascension' with low frequency words such as 'symptoms' and 'side-effects' we are communicating to our subconscious mind that this whole process is going to be a rough ride. It was not designed to be this way. This does not mean there won't be spiritual lessons and bumps along the way, but why make it harder that it was designed to be?

This subconscious self sabotage manifests in a number of ways but the most common one is the Disempowered Empath.

The Disempowered Empath: discovering the reason you feel emotionally drained in large crowds is because you are an empath. You do some research on what an empath is and relate to almost everything on the list. Then, you choose to accept "that's just how it is" without looking for empowered empath tools to support you such as a technique called Golden Light Energy Recall.

Golden Light Energy Recall Technique

At the end of the day (or any time you feel it is needed), visualize all energy that is not your to carry fall away from your body (visualize it going to the drain if you are in the shower). The, visualize a golden light emanating from your heart and solar plexus chakra throughout your entire body. Then say, "I command all life force that it rightfully mine to return to me now." Continue to visualize the golden light until you feel your life force return.

Subconscious self sabotage is a blockage we can create for ourselves. This is why we must be mindful of the jargon we are using to describe our spiritual path.

Which leads into the next point... 

Words have Frequency

If you have been in the spiritual scene for a while, you would have heard the phrase "words are spells". Well, we're not lying.

Since everything is energy, that means our words hold frequencies of their own. Every word that exits your mouth alters the frequency of reality, bit by bit.

We must take radical responsibility for our words. Think of your throat chakra as a frequency portal. What frequency do you want to activate through your throat chakra portal? A frequency that supports soul healing or a frequency that supports self sabotage for the sake of relatability or keeping up with the "spiritual Jones' jargon"?

This is why when we associating "ascension" (our reason for being) with symptoms (3D bi-product of dis-ease) is not a cute phrase anymore.

So, what do we associate soul healing and ascension with then? The word "signs" is a good one -- think of soul healing signs or ascension signs as road marks to gauge where you are at on your spiritual path... and what you can celebrate!

The Ritual: The ancients knew this and we are collectively rediscovering it -- the womb is directly linked with the throat chakra. Not only does the uterus physically look like the larynx but when we tap into womb consciousness we simultaneously find it easier to speak our truth and remain aware of the frequency behind words. You can use our bestselling Rose Elixir to assist you in empowered and conscious communication to heal your soul.

Always remember, what what you mean, not the opposite. For example, "I don't want to fail..." becomes "I am excited to succeed at this and see how it unfolds."



Conscious Self Care

Conscious Self Care for Soul Healing is the next evolutionary step in the self care world. Used consciously, self care rituals will not only soothe your body and mind, but support your soul healing.

Firstly, it is important to determine your current focus, in other words, what soul facet you are currently healing? Inner child? Shadow? Divine Feminine? Divine Masculine?

Next, it's time to choose your ritual. There are a number of --> link previous article --> conscious self care rituals you can choose from, but the best one is the one your intuitively feel will work best for you.

Last, devotion is key. When you activate the frequency of devotion by showing up for yourself and your conscious self care rituals every day or at least 5 times a week, worlds move for you. Devotion is a frequency of a priestess -- one that moves mountains.



Ascension and soul healing was designed to be an empowering return to who we truly are... not a disempowering, exhausting set of symptoms.


Let's replace 'ascension symptoms' with higher frequency words. 

When we do, we bypass subconscious self sabotage and embrace the true reason we can here with more ease and natural flow.


Your throat chakra is a portal, within it, you have the power to activate a reality in alignment with soul healing.