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Our goal, with every product we make is to enhance your self-love routine, all while keeping the definition of our name, in mind.

The definition of 'elixir' is a magical or medicinal potion, a preparation that was supposedly able to change metals into gold, preparation supposedly to prolong life indefinitely.

Michelle is a certified herbalist through the Herbal Academy of New England.  

Together, we have a passion for creating healing, holistic products with minimal ingredients. All while avoiding, fragrance oils, fake colorants and harmful preservatives.

In a world where product integrity is sacrificed for a issue to be treated, there is a thriving trend to return to using products with minimal ingredients. Unfortunately, DIY beauty projects are a hit or miss and many companies who claim to be all natural still include fake colorants, preservatives and filler fragrances.

Fortunately, there is a whole-heartedly holistic breed of folks. My husband Derek and I know there are thousands of others who strive to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, without the fluff.

We maintain our values and honesty whilst researching, creating, formulating and testing every holistic product we offer.

  • fair trade
  • cruelty-free
  • mostly vegan
  • preservative-free
  • no artificial colors
  • handmade with TLC
  • made in a clean studio
  • made in fresh, small batches
  • top quality and mostly organic ingredients
  • we never try to hide the products' ingredient list
  • all colorants are sourced from a natural powder, clay or salt


    We live healthy, holistically wholesome lives and we want the same for you.

    Elixir Apothecary was created on the belief that caring for and balancing oneself can be achieved from products with minimal ingredients.  We can all thrive off simplistic formulas for health.



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