Inner Peace Ritual Bundle

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Align with the frequencies of peace and tranquility with the Inner Peace Ritual Bundle.


Inspired by, and infused with Amethyst + Smoky Quartz Crystal, this Ritual Bundle will help you ground your energy and connect to the element of Water to tap into the intuitive waters while you invoke the inner peace within.


Using the Ritual Bundle will help you align with the frequencies of peace, tranquility and tap into your intuition.

The Inner Peace Ritual Bundle includes


Peace Elixir - a calming blend of essential oils, formulated to ease anxiety, while you align with the frequencies of peace and intuitive wisdom within, through the Amethyst Crystals within the bottle. ($20 value)

➋ Luna Soap Bar - an intuitively formulated cleansing soap bar, designed to invoke the Divine Feminine intuition within, while you cleanse your body with it's skin-smoothing suds. ($10 value)

➌ Elixir Creme - massage into skin to hydrate and heal skin while you ground your energy via Smoky Quartz Elixir within Elixir Creme's formula. ($22 value)

➍ Ethically sourced Sage + Palo Santo - cleanse and purify your space. ($20)

➎ 6-Hour Tea Light Candle

➏ Inner Peace Ritual PDF - A suggested ritual to begin your Inner Peace Ritual process, feel free to make it your own and use it as a starting point. The Inner Peace Ritual PDF is a digital PDF available for immediate download upon purchase.  ($55 value, yours free)


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