Sun Crème - ELIXIR Apothecary
Sun Crème - ELIXIR Apothecary
Sun Crème - ELIXIR Apothecary
Sun Crème - ELIXIR Apothecary
Sun Crème - ELIXIR Apothecary

Sun Crème

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Sunscreen is an item everyone should have in their bag, without having to lather their skin with chemicals.

Whether you want to build a natural, safe tan or protect yourself from the sun all together, our Sun Crème is the most holistic choice.

One of our wonderful customers Jen, puts it best, "...blends easily and doesn't leave a chalky film. So glad I purchased. Thank you!"

What ingredients do we use + why?

- Organic Safflower Oil and Organic Coconut oil are the main ingredients. They moisturize in addition to providing protection the skin from the sun.
- Yellow Beeswax provides a layer of sun protection and locks in oils.
- Zinc Oxide (non-nano) also provides a barrier layer of protection against the sun. Zinc Oxide is a naturally occurring mineral that protects against UVA (aging and cancer-causing) + UVB (burning) rays. The zinc oxide we use will not leave a ghost-white sheen on your skin if rubbed into skin completely.
- Red Raspberry Oil which contains an SPF of 45-50 and on it's own, proves to be a fantastic sunscreen + Myrrh Essential Oil contains an SPF 20 and provides an extra dose of protection

What ingredient should we avoid in generic sunscreen?

Most generic sunscreens contain the following ingredients:
- Oxybenzone, a chemical that disrupts hormones
- Methoxycinnamate or Octinoxate
- Padimate O/PABA
- Nano mineral particles (our Zinc Oxide is non-nano)

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> Is this water resistant? <
In fresh/ocean water, this sunscreen is water resistant for a minimum of 80 minutes.
In pool water, this sunscreen is water resistant for a minimum of 60 minutes.
Otherwise, reapply every few hours or as needed.

> How well does this sunscreen protect children? <
You must reapply this sunscreen every 1/2 hour on children or babies.

> Can I use this on my face? <
Yes, in fact, you will benefit greatly from using this sunscreen on your face + protection from the sun.

Is this a gift? Choose "Yes" under the drop-down menu and your sunscreen will arrive wrapped. (see 5th picture for wrapping)

Why choose ELIXIR Apothecary?

We select our ingredients and create our products with the utmost of integrity and will treat you as we would family. Your satisfaction drives our inspiration, and we want to share with you what truly holistic products can do for you.


- top quality and mostly organic ingredients
- no artificial colors
- cruelty-free
- preservative-free
- fair trade
- mostly vegan
- handmade with TLC
- made in fresh, small batches
- made in a clean studio
- we never try to hide the products' ingredient list


*Safflower Oil, *Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Beeswax, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, *Red Raspberry Seed Oil, *Myrrh Essential Oil (Commiphora myrrh)
(* indicates certified organic ingredient)


8 fl oz in weight 3" in height 2.5" in width

4 fl oz in weight 1.5" in height 2" in width

*Please note*

We are keeping it au naturale here at ELIXIR. Due to the freshness and lack of preservatives in your Sun Crème, please use it within 6 months of receiving.


Avoid contact with eyes and mouth.


This sunscreen has not been reviewed by the FDA therefore we are not legally claiming it to posses an SPF rating of any kind. Elixir Apothecary will not be held responsible for the results of misuse of this product. Please also keep in mind, every skin type is different and the directions for use may need to be adjusted to suit your skin type.
Sunshades and bikini top not included.

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